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Teaching Experience

  • 2015- Facilitator. Bringing Antarctic Weddell seals to the classroom through PolarTREC. 2400 students reached.
  • 2013- Laboratory Instructor. Fundamentals of Oceanography Laboratory. University of Alaska Anchorage.


  • 2015- Supervisor. NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates. Clara Woolner, University of Alaska Anchorage
    • Using vibrissae growth rates and stable isotope analysis to determine changes in the summer diet of female Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddellii).
  • 2015- Supervisor. Independent studies. Brandi Ruscher-Hill, University of California Santa Cruz
    • Effects of size on three-dimensional photogrammetry for mass estimation in pinnipeds.


  • 2015- Participated in Animal Behavior Society Outreach Fair
  • 2014- Participated in a live PolarTREC webinar from Antarctica. 4000 people reached.
  • 2012- Participated in “sealebration” outreach event for the Año Nuevo State Park

Invited Speaker

  • 2015- Weddell seal biology. Field Methods for Large Marine Vertebrates. University of California Santa Cruz.
  • 2015- Influences of cognition in pinniped behavior. Psychology 101. San Diego Mesa College.
  • 2014- Primary productivity in the Southern Ocean. Antarctic Ecology. University of Alaska Anchorage.
  • 2014- Northern fur seals and Weddell seals. Wildlife Wednesday. Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
  • 2014- Northern fur seals and Weddell seals. Opportunities for Lifelong Education Alaska.
  • 2014- Manipulating Ecological Data in R. BIOE128L. University of California Santa Cruz.
  • 2013- ENSO, PDO and other atmospheric/oceanic processes. BIO179. University of Alaska Anchorage.