The Wonderful Language of R Programming

Want to make compelling figures with your undoubtedly awesome data, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry – I’ll help you get there in no time! 🙂


I have put together an interactive tutorial on using R for statistics and plotting, including an .r file (that contains the script) and several comma-separated data files (.csv) that contain data. Please download all files from the Google Drive folder below, and put them in a single folder that you can easily find them (e.g. on your desktop):

Google Drive Files – R Tutorial

In addition to those files, please download both “R” and “RStudio Desktop” programs before the tutorial. R studio is a more user-friendly version of R, but requires that R also be downloaded on your computer. Downloading these files should be pretty quick, but please do it a couple days before our session so you have time to troubleshoot any problems.

R can be downloaded at
RStudio can be downloaded at

After downloading both, you should be able to open RStudio and it will look like this (except not blue – you can change the colors under “settings”):

Let me know if you have any questions or issues downloading the data or programs. I look forward to getting you excited about using R!


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